We are aware of the importance of our residents living in the comfort of home, with easy access to all services, and we provide a range of services, including personal care services, to make them comfortable.

The General Features of Kızılay Care Facilities

As Kızılay Care, we care about the accessibility standards for the comfort and safety of our residents and colleagues in our facility buildings and open areas where we provide maintenance services.

Suitable Architecture
Our facility ensures compliance with accessibility standards in planning, design, construction, manufacturing, licensing and inspection processe. We always consider physical security aspects.

Safe Architecture & Design

We keep the security measures at the highest level for our residents in the architectural structure of our facility buildings.

Special Architecture & Design Against Household Accidents and Falls
Kızılay Care use the lighting solutions regarding the physical characteristics of our residents in order to provide safe living spaces in the general areas, open areas and rooms of the building; prefers non-slip materials in public areas and wet floors in order to prevent falls; We provide safe movement with grab bars. We prefer ergonomic designs in all facilities for the comfort of our residents.

Environmentalist Architectural Design

As a subsidiary of Turkish Red Crescent, we care about sustainability and energy efficiency.

Green Building Approach
We approach the preservation of the existing green areas in a delicate manner with sensitivity, we develop spacious and happy open spaces with hobby gardening practices in our facility gardens with the participation of our calm and volunteers. We design our facilities in coordination with the "Green Building" criteria and develop environmentally friendly architectural projects.

Customized Facility Design

We care about the participation and preferences of our residents in the arrangement of our facilities and rooms.

Customized Room Design
In our facilities, after our residents choose the room, they can choose the color of the room, furniture and textile products through the catalogs specially prepared for our facilities. The rooms are prepared in line with their wishes and demands before residents settle down. Our residents can also settle in their rooms with their own furniture if they wish.

High Level Of Hygiene

As Kızılay Care, we care about the health of our residents and develop high-level hygiene practices.

Regular Disinfection and Antibacterial Materials
Our facilities are regularly cleaned and disinfected within the framework of high-level hygiene rules. We maintain this sensitivity in our care centers, and we prefer anti-bacterial materials.

Emergency Medical Alert System

As Kızılay Care, we support our residents' rooms with equipment that makes it easier for them to communicate in emergency situations.

In-Room and Portable Medical Alert System
In our facilities, especially in the rooms; there are medical alert systems in walls, headboards and bathrooms for emergency. We also provide portable alert systems support for our residents who lives in nursing home.

Continuous Video Surveillance System

We take care of the safety of our residents, we care about the peace of mind of our residents' relatives.

24/7 Video Surveillance System
The common areas and open areas of the facility are provided with security camera systems for 7 days 24 hours; Our residents, who are followed up in our care centers, are monitored by healthcare personnel with a 24-hour camera system. Relatives of residents can follow their relatives wherever they have internet access with their specially allocated passwords.
* As required by the PDPL, the camera system is only available in the nursing home.

Advanced Fire Detector System

Among the most common household accidents in the elderly are fire, flooding, electricity and gas leakage. We take security measures against domestic accidents such as.

Advanced Precautions Against Indoor Risks
We have smoke detectors, fire extinguishing systems, controlled electrical systems and emergency call systems in the general areas and rooms of the facility, we take precautions against all kinds of risks.

Laundry Service

We regularly provide professional laundry services in our facilities.

Comprehensive Laundry Service
Laundry services are offered exclusively to residents and are provided by routine processes such as washing-drying-ironing in a controlled manner. Our residents can also receive tailoring services if they need.
Dry cleaning service is also offered in some of our facilities. In this way, we aim to have more time for our residents to spare for themselves.

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