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Who is Kızılay Care?

Kızılay Care; is a company within the body of Kızılay Investment operating in the maintenance services sector. Just like Kızılay Investment, Kızılay Care is 100% owned by Turkish Red Crescent. Kızılay Care transfers all of its earnings to the Turkish Red Crescent to be used in humanitarian aid activities.

Who is your facility staff?

In our facilities; We provide 24/7 continuous service with facility manager, physicians, nurses, dieticians, elderly care assistants, social workers and psychologists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists, administrative staff, receptionist, security, housekeepers and technical staff, chefs and assistans, waitstaff.

What are the visiting hours?

Kızılay Care residents can accept guests at any time. Our facilities are open 24/7. Visitors are admitted to the facility with the knowledge and consent of the residents. For your individual and corporate visit requests, request information and appointment from the Facility Management.

What features does it have in the rooms?

We decide together on the furniture and furnishings of the room you will stay in. If you wish, you can settle with your personal furniture that will not interfere with your safety. In our rooms or apartments; There is a bed, whatnot, wardrobe, table and chair, mini fridge and television. Each room or apartment has a bathroom, and our suite-type rooms have a kitchenette or a separate living area.

What services does Kızılay Care offer?

In Kızılay Care facilities; safe accommodation, health and care, psychosocial services, cleaning and laundry services, healthy and regular nutrition services are offered within a personalized plan. Various social activities that will be of interest to everyone are offered with life-long learning programs, daily exercise and sports activities, culture and art activities and hobby activities.

How can I get service from Kızılay Care facilities?

Kızılay Care provides services to Turkish Red Crescent donors and individual applicants. People aged 55 and over, who do not have contagious diseases, who have mental and mental health and who do not have any harm in staying in public living areas can experience healthy, social and active aging in the modern facilities of Kızılay Care.

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